Emilio Morales
"CEO & President THCG & Tech LLC., B.S. in Computer Science, Masters in Marketing, MBA from ESEM in Madrid, Spain."

President & CEO of THCG and Tech, LLC, a Miami-based consulting firm specializing in market intelligence and strategy for U.S. and non-U.S. persons doing business in Cuba. 

Born and raised in Cuba, Mr. Morales was formerly the Head of the Strategic Marketing Planning Department for the Marketing Division for Corporación CIMEX, which is Cuba’s largest state enterprise holding company, with more than 80 subsidiaries across Cuba engaged in 35 different retail and wholesale businesses and annual revenues of more than US$1.2 billion. 

Prior to CIMEX, he was a high-ranking professional in Cuba, where he conducted marketing research for more than 15 years and authored or co-authored dozens of market research studies for government companies and foreign companies doing business in Cuba.  His work in Cuba included acting as a marketing consultant for companies such as Habanos S.A., Tecnoazucar, Palmares S.A., Servimed S.A., Cubanacán S.A., Shops Universo S.A., Bravo S.A., Cubacel, ETECSA, and CORACAN S.A., among others.  Mr. Morales also worked for the Cuban government on a range of bilateral projects in Argentina, Canada, Mexico, and South Africa.   

Recognized for his unique insights into the dynamics of the Cuban market and economy, Mr. Morales has produced dozens of related research papers and written over 50 articles on various sectors of the Cuban economy, including remittances, the market for mobile phones, real estate opportunities, tourism, logistics and transportation, health care services and biotechnology, agriculture, food industry, retail opportunities, sugar industry, exports of rum and cigars, and Cuba’s growing opportunities for entrepreneurs (known in Cuba as cuentapropismo).  He has also conducted several studies on the Cuban economic model, including studies on Cuba’s internal economic consumption in various sectors (both at the state and non-state levels).

In addition to his several articles, Mr. Morales is the author of two books:

“Cuba: A Silent Transition to Capitalism?” (2009)

and “Marketing without Advertising: Brand Preference and Consumer Choice in Cuba,” Routledge Advances in Management and Business Studies, 2011. 

Mr. Morales holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio Echevarría in Havana, Cuba, a Masters in Marketing from the University of Havana, and an MBA from the Escuela Superior de Marketing in Madrid, Spain.