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No company provides a trusted vision about the Cuban market for the professional world as The Havana Consulting Group and Tech.

We are a consulting firm focusing primarily on the Cuban economy and on the Cuban market and secondarily on the Hispanic market in the United States, particularly in the State of Florida. THCG’s mission is to provide our clients with reliable information and analysis regarding the Cuban economy and the Cuban market. We maintain the highest standards with regard the provision of services such as market information and analysis, consumer preferences and behavior, positioning of brands, strategic planning, and innovative business solutions, relying on the expertise of well-experienced professionals, in a time frame compatible with the needs of our clients and at a competitive cost.

Dear Readers:

Welcome to the website of The Havana Consulting Group & Tech!

In the last 20 years we have witnessed the emergence of the strategic market research and consulting industries as specialized and dynamic businesses capitalizing on new technologies. With the consolidation of the internet as a transformative technology in support of globalization, the challenge of positioning a unique brand with international leadership has become increasingly larger. Today, competition is very strong in developed countries, where companies with the most advanced technologies tend to dominate. For this reason, emerging markets have become very attractive niches for companies and investors.

Thus, our company has chosen to specialize in one of the potentially most attractive and promising emerging markets in the first half of the twenty-first century: Cuba.

The Cuban economy is entering a new stage. The generation of leaders that has governed Cuba for more than half a century is near its physical disappearance. As they exit, Cuba has begun a process of transforming its stagnant economy, implementing a set of reforms that step by step seek to alter the development dynamic of the nation. For this reason, businessmen, investors, manufacturers and multinational companies are seeking partners with experience and market information who can guide them in learning about a market that has been hermetically sealed for more than 50 years.

At the end of the 1990s, when I began in the island my work as a consultant, I had the vision of creating The Havana Consulting Group. I thought that businessmen that would seek to invest and do business in Cuba when the market conditions permitted it would need objective information and analysis on which to base their decisions. The future need for marketing and market research information, coupled with the lack of independent consulting services companies in the island, were the principal factors that led me to envision THCG.

After I migrated to the United States in 2007 and I met prominent economists and academic experts on the Cuban economy, my vision of the need for the services that THCG offers only strengthened, and I realized that creating THCG was a privilege and a unique opportunity.

THCG today is a vision that has become reality. Our company, relying on a group of highly specialized consultants, most of them with over 25 years of experience in studying the Cuban economy, offers the most up-to-date and reliable information and advisory services about the Cuban economy. From monitoring remittances levels, to estimating the purchasing power of the population in different regions, the positioning of brands, the development of the tourism industry, the growth of retail commerce, competition analysis, measurement of consumption patterns of the population, to evaluation of commercial opportunities of businesses in all sectors of the economy, THCG is a visionary leader that is setting standards of quality, reliability and timeliness in the industry.

Our company differs from our competitors in several ways. First, the experience and expertise of our consultants is unparalleled. Second, the very comprehensive and unique database we have developed. And third, the marketing research tools based on technology developed by THCG. Our strengths allow us to conduct timely, precise and deep market analysis for all strategic sectors of the Cuban economy and for all regions of the nation. Our strengths allow us to anticipate needs and to be several steps ahead of other consulting companies. Our information and analytic services are aimed at a wide spectrum of clients, from small to very large companies; technology and experience allow us to adapt to the information and analytic needs of each of our individual clients.

No other company in our space knows the preferences of consumers in the island like we do. Our knowledge and experience will help companies in evaluating investment opportunities in Cuba and positioning themselves in the Cuban market with a minimum level of risk. We provide innovative and relevant solutions with the input of the most experienced professionals, offering services of the highest quality, on a timely basis and at a competitive price. Our objective is to assist our clients in positioning their brands favorably and minimizing risks in a market of 11.2 million consumers and tourism flows of about 3.5 million tourists per annum.

We invite you to navigate our website to learn about the information and analytic services we offer that might best fit the needs of your company. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we might be able to help you.


Emilio Morales